Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sweater purse

I am making a purse out of a wool sweater. You cut the sweater body beneath the sleeves. Wash in very hot water. Strips are cut out of the sleeves- I sewed them in a roll. Then dry felted the hearts on with Wool fibers. I sewed bottom up, now I need to turn inside out and sew corners which I will post. Then sew handles on. I will then line the purse. I believe they hold their shape better lined.

Monday, April 13, 2009

fiber art

Over the weekend I went to a fiber fest with friends. I had been looking at felting wool- I've done the water method. Now I wanted to learn the dry method- that you do with needles. They had tons of fiber art at the festival. Wool by the ton just about in every color imaginable. I haven't spun for a long time. I have a drop spindal, but not a wheel- they are very expensive. I pointed out one to dh and said here is my Christmas present--- no takers--- lol. I try to talk him into a cute angora bunny too-- he just told me add it to his list--no smile, guess I lost that one. These needles are really sharp ---- good weapons, you wouldn't want to sass your ma when she had one of these in her hand. They had hats they'd made this way- really neat ones--- I didn't bring my camera. Here are my first things I made- 2 rabbits were made by felting inside cookie cutters, then I cut ears, legs in half to make the look like real rabbits. The flower was free formed. There is the needle I used by the flower. first picture is piece of fiber. I haven't quite learned how to edit my photos with gimp yet to make the clearer. I have to talk to my teacher- ds .

Red Room 2

The Red Room- My craft space

The Red Room is my youngest son old room, at first when he painted it - I thought yikes, but it has grown on me. Now that he has moved out it is now my craft room, I sew and rubberstamp-mostly. I do some fiberart. I have quite a collection of stuff, the room is small so it is packed. Oh check the ugliest doll out on top the shelf.