Monday, April 13, 2009

fiber art

Over the weekend I went to a fiber fest with friends. I had been looking at felting wool- I've done the water method. Now I wanted to learn the dry method- that you do with needles. They had tons of fiber art at the festival. Wool by the ton just about in every color imaginable. I haven't spun for a long time. I have a drop spindal, but not a wheel- they are very expensive. I pointed out one to dh and said here is my Christmas present--- no takers--- lol. I try to talk him into a cute angora bunny too-- he just told me add it to his list--no smile, guess I lost that one. These needles are really sharp ---- good weapons, you wouldn't want to sass your ma when she had one of these in her hand. They had hats they'd made this way- really neat ones--- I didn't bring my camera. Here are my first things I made- 2 rabbits were made by felting inside cookie cutters, then I cut ears, legs in half to make the look like real rabbits. The flower was free formed. There is the needle I used by the flower. first picture is piece of fiber. I haven't quite learned how to edit my photos with gimp yet to make the clearer. I have to talk to my teacher- ds .

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Marian said...

If you haven't already invested in a needle felting brush (to put under the project), use a bath brush. The bristles are arranged in the same size and pretty cheap at garage sales or thrift stores. I've been buying thrift store sweaters and stitching them onto canvas bags (also from thrift stores) to make the bags like you're making. Fair Isle sweaters make pretty impressive ones. Sometimes, if they're not wool, I just don't bother about the felting. Isn't it fun?!