Monday, May 02, 2011

Reproposed craft

Cost of this child's Apron is approx. $3.00
about 2 yards ribbon - you use either gross grain or satin. Wider ribbon.
1 tea towel
1 potholder with loop at the top.

Cut tea towel in half, gather, Cut 1 yard of ribbon, mark the middle, mark middle of towel, pin and stitch together- I zigzaged to make it sturdy. Stitch it to lower part of ribbon so you can fold ribbon over raw edges, zigzag that. next find center of pot holder, zig zag to towel- I put ribbon edge on top, I then top stiched but you wouldn't have to. The other yard of ribbon loops through the top to tie around neck.

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An Artaholic @ said...

Great idea. I might try this with my car girls!